Travel Without Your Dog

I know, I know, it’s not that easy you say. I completely understand since I have four rescue Pomeranians who love me and miss me when I’m away. There have been many different articles on how to travel with your dog, but not so many on how to travel without your dog.

There are options for those of us with dogs. First, you can trade dog sitting with friends, family, and neighbors. If you have a dog (or two) the chances are you know someone with a dog that would be willing to trade off with you.

If trading dog sitting is not an option, you can find reputable dog sitters that will come to your home and stay with your dog. I do that when I go away and it has worked out great for me.

Another option would be to find someone you trust that will dog sit in their home. I am a dog groomer and provide in my home dog sitting.

Last, you can board your dog. I don’t like this option, but many times this is the only choice many of us have.

We’ve talked about the choices for your pet, but how do you deal with the separation?  I can’t tell you how to deal with it, but I have my pet sitter send me random pictures. I know this may be a bit over the top but it seems to help me deal with being away from them.

Live, Love, Rescue…