Faux Paws

Do you know how easy it is for just about anyone to get a dog certified as a service dog? To my surprise it’s very easy. Recently there was a new report about this, but I didn’t need the report to realize that dogs in public places are growing more abundant.

In one of my other blog posts I mentioned seeing a very small Yorkie in Walt Disney World Parks in Florida as well as in Cracker Barrel.

I love dogs, no doubt about it, they are amazing. However, that being said I do believe that people are using the system to get dogs certified service dogs just so they can take them everywhere they go. But that begs the question, how does the affect the public perception of the real service dogs?

Real service dogs help people with handicaps to do various things, such as open doors and turn on lights. If you see a service dog out and about you will see they wear a “saddle” telling you they’re a service dog. When the dogs are working no one is permitted to pet them, this is to keep them from being distracted from their job.

Service dogs must be focused on their owner – the person they are looking after, if they get distracted they may miss a signal from their owner, this could result in a dangerous situation. Let’s say you have a service dog that detects when your sugar is dangerously low, or when you are going to have a seizure and they miss the signs this could result in tragedy.

This is just my thoughts on “fake” service dogs. I don’t discount their importance at all; I know how important they can be for comfort and mental health.

Live, Love, Rescue…


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