The Mad Groomer Saga Continues..

So… I love grooming and I love dogs, but there are days that things are just crazy in the grooming salon. Just when you think that everything is going smoothly, something happens and next thing you know you’re chasing someone’s dog across the field.

Okay, let me say this, I did not let the dog lose nor did it escape from me. The owner, whose name will not be mentioned comes into my salon with one large short haired dog and one small, white and furry dog. The owner gets in the door as the little one slips his harness.

The little, white fluff immediately takes off around the drive. My grooming salon is located at my home on a three hundred acre farm and it is directly in the middle of the farm. So this little guy was in heaven, smelling everything it could and chasing cats. Oh, and did I mention that we have about sixty peacocks too? The little guy did not want to be caught, he was having a great time, so he avoided his owner for about fifteen minutes or so.

Anyway, my husband was home and he helped the client corral his pup and in the end both dogs were groomed and everything ended well.

There’s never a dull moment with dogs.

Live, Love, Rescue…


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