Faux Paws

Do you know how easy it is for just about anyone to get a dog certified as a service dog? To my surprise it’s very easy. Recently there was a new report about this, but I didn’t need the report to realize that dogs in public places are growing more abundant.

In one of my other blog posts I mentioned seeing a very small Yorkie in Walt Disney World Parks in Florida as well as in Cracker Barrel.

I love dogs, no doubt about it, they are amazing. However, that being said I do believe that people are using the system to get dogs certified service dogs just so they can take them everywhere they go. But that begs the question, how does the affect the public perception of the real service dogs?

Real service dogs help people with handicaps to do various things, such as open doors and turn on lights. If you see a service dog out and about you will see they wear a “saddle” telling you they’re a service dog. When the dogs are working no one is permitted to pet them, this is to keep them from being distracted from their job.

Service dogs must be focused on their owner – the person they are looking after, if they get distracted they may miss a signal from their owner, this could result in a dangerous situation. Let’s say you have a service dog that detects when your sugar is dangerously low, or when you are going to have a seizure and they miss the signs this could result in tragedy.

This is just my thoughts on “fake” service dogs. I don’t discount their importance at all; I know how important they can be for comfort and mental health.

Live, Love, Rescue…


The Mad Groomer Saga Continues..

So… I love grooming and I love dogs, but there are days that things are just crazy in the grooming salon. Just when you think that everything is going smoothly, something happens and next thing you know you’re chasing someone’s dog across the field.

Okay, let me say this, I did not let the dog lose nor did it escape from me. The owner, whose name will not be mentioned comes into my salon with one large short haired dog and one small, white and furry dog. The owner gets in the door as the little one slips his harness.

The little, white fluff immediately takes off around the drive. My grooming salon is located at my home on a three hundred acre farm and it is directly in the middle of the farm. So this little guy was in heaven, smelling everything it could and chasing cats. Oh, and did I mention that we have about sixty peacocks too? The little guy did not want to be caught, he was having a great time, so he avoided his owner for about fifteen minutes or so.

Anyway, my husband was home and he helped the client corral his pup and in the end both dogs were groomed and everything ended well.

There’s never a dull moment with dogs.

Live, Love, Rescue…

Diary of a Mad Groomer

When I say mad groomer I mean sort of like the mad hatter in Alice inWonderland, I would like to clarify that I was at no point angry at this precious dog. I think every groomer has a bit of maddness in them.

This week has been interesting to say the least. I returned home from vacation on Sunday night just before midnight. Now, I have five dogs of my own and I also had the dog sitter watching two of my daughter’s dogs. We get home and try to get some sleep because we both have to work at six the next morning.

One of my daughter’s dogs decides to bark half the night so sleep was elusive to say the least. We get up the next morning not feeling very refreshed, but nonetheless we went to work.

I drive a bus and I am a professional pet groomer between my bus route, in the evenings and on Saturdays. So due to the fact that I was off for ten days my schedule was booked. I worked all week from six thirty am to seven pm, now I’m not complaining I love my business, but it left little time for me to straighten up my house and prepare for the week.

On Thursday I had a repeat client come in for a groom. He is a very nice dog, but this time something seemed off about him. He was nervous, he barked and constantly struggled against me – very unusual for this dog. I did my pre-cut and bathed him, once back on the grooming table I started to dry him. At this point he had explosive diarrhea all over me, the table and more importantly himself. I returned him to the bath, and repeated the sequence FOUR more times. Yes, this poor fella had the diarrhea four more times after that. Finally, I was able to get him dry and finish his groom. When the owner came I explained to her what was going on and that maybe he should see his vet.

At one point during this bathing and drying process I broke down and just cried with frustration. It was by no means the dogs fault, but I just had to take a minute to re-evaluate the situation. This was certainly one of my worst days of grooming, but I don’t care I love it, I love dogs, and I love by business.

Live, Love, Rescue….