Can You Keep a Clean Home with Pets?

This is something that I’m sure many pet owners struggle with, I know I do. I have four Pomeranians in my home, they are double coated dogs that shed a lot. It’s one of the reasons I became a dog groomer, and as a dog groomer I have some advice to help you keep your home clean.

First, and most important – brush out your pet daily. Even dogs with short hair can benefit from a good brushing daily. This will help to cut down on the hair floating around in your home.

Second, and no less important than the first, regular grooming by a professional groomer. Owners of pets with short hair can go longer between grooming due to the short hair and lack of a double coat.

As a professional groomer, I can recommend a slicker brush and a furminatorĀ to help with home grooming.

On top of this, as I’m sure you know, regular house cleaning is very important. I use a Swiffer, a hand -held vacuum, and of course a regular vacuum. Recently, my husband and I decided to use laminated flooring all over the house to make things easier to clean. Carpets tend to hold the fur and therefore hold smells that are not appealing. Also, be sure to change the filter in your heating and air conditioning unit to help keep the hair down in your home.

The question remains, can it be done? The answer – it’s not impossible just time-consuming and a lot of physical work. My dogs are worth the work and I’m sure yours are too.

Live, Love, Rescue….

















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