Missing My Dogs

This past week I have been away on vacation, and usually we try to take the dogs with us. However, on this trip we opted to leave them with our daughter. They are in good hands, I’m not worried about that, but I miss them terribly.

I talk to my daughter every day and she says all is well with them, but she thinks they are missing me as well. Travel with pets is not the easiest thing, but I believe it’s worth it.

Do you feel the same, and if so do you have any travel tips you would like to share?


You and Your Dog

Have you ever really took the time to notice that your dog talks to you? Well, not in the traditional sense of course, but they still “talk” to you.

They give you little queues, little motions that tell you what they want or need. They will run to the door to go outside to potty, and you read this taking them out. But there are so many other ways they talk to you.

They show excitement but running and barking in happiness. My little Pomeranian will follow me around and just look at me. Most of the time he is telling me that his water bowl is empty. What is your dog telling you?

Your Dog and Kidney Issues

Just the other day a friend of mine called me to say that her dog was drinking excessively and urinating quite a lot. She had noticed a slow change in her beloved pet for a week or so before deciding that she needed the veterinarian. Her fear was kidney failure because her dog is an older dog, but when taken to the vet she found that it was diabetes.
Now this is not a great diagnosis, for sure, but it’s better than kidney failure. He is now on shots to control the diabetes and seems to be feeling better.
It is important that you watch your pet for any changes in their diet, drinking habits or bowel movements. A change in any of those things may indicate a problem. Boo

Fireworks and Your Dog

Be especially careful this Forth of July. Fireworks are a source of anxiety and fear for your pet, more pets are lost around the Forth of July because of fireworks than any other time of the year.

Take just a minute to ensure that your dog is in a safe environment for your Fourth of July festivities

The Heat and Your Pet

I am sure that many people don’t realize how harmful the heat can be to their pets. Last year my outside cat actually had a heat stroke. It was a 100 degree plus day and I found him under a tree, just standing there in a daze.
What do you do in this case? I immediately took the cat inside where I poured warm (not cold) water over him for several minutes. This will help to bring down the temperature. Then I called my veterinarian.
The cat survived, thankfully! But heat stroke is a serious thing for animals, all animals. If you have a dog outside take care to keep fresh water available and a kiddie pool with water for them to cool off in.
For dogs that are kept outside and have long hair, I recommend trimming the hair short. Do not shave because your dog could also get sunburned.
If you have any questions please feel free to ask me. I have worked with and currently get my information from my veterinarian. I will be happy to answer any questions that I can.