Clipping Your Dogs Nails

I know that some people do not believe in cutting their dogs toe nails, now if you have a dog that is outside all the time you might get away with this. Having said that, I can’t  stress to you how important it is to keep your dogs nails at a nice length. I keep my dogs nails clipped just below the vein that runs into the nail. I do my own nail clipping but some people are not comfortable doing this. You can take you dog to Petco or Petsmart they can do it for you, the charge around 10 dollars and require you to provide proof of rabies shot.

The reason that the toe nails need to be kept at a reasonable length is because when the nail gets to long it causes pressure on the nail bed which can lead to serious nail bed infections. I find it easier to prevent this and less costly also. If you choose to do this yourself, you should pick up some stop blood powder at your pet store. Just in case you nip the vein, you will have it on hand to stop the bleeding.


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