Large Dogs

Large dogs are just as wonderful as small dogs, in different ways. They can be just as much of a companion to you as their smaller counterpart. They do not require as much “babying” as the small dog which makes them more appealing to some people. The same rules apply to them don ‘t leave them in hot cars, carry a “doggie bag” for them and proof of rabies vaccination. They may not be easily carried but not everyone wants to carry their dog, so the large breed carries themselves. The only problem with traveling with a larger dog is that most hotels have a weight/size limit( as do many apartment complexes) so this may pose a problem. I have friends that refuse to leave their dogs behind so when they travel they have a camper or motorhome. This is ideal for keeping your pets with you all the time. Not everyone can afford to do that so I recommend that you trade “dog sitting” with a friend. I do that because it is not always feasable to take your pets with you and it works great for both parties involved.


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