Small Dogs

I love small dogs, I have even written abook about them, available on Amazon Kindle. Having said that small dogs are not for everyone. They are high maintanence and due to the fact that they are small they do need some extra TLC. On the other hand they are great companions, you are never alone when you have your little dog. I love to take mine with me on vacations, road trips, day trips, just about anywhere. Although it does require some preparing ahead of time. If you are staying in a hotel, you must call ahead and see if they are pet friendly, some are and some are not, and many times it costs extra to have them. I love how portable they are. I can pick my baby up and just go, I keep a small “doggie bag” made up for him. It contains a leash, harness, treats, collapable bowl for food and water, bottle of water, dog food and 2 or 3 toys. I always have a dog blanket in my car, and a copy of his rabies shot record. That is important to keep because you can be stopped and required to show proof of rabies vaccination.

You should always be mindful of the weather, if it is hot never leave your dog locked in your car. Even if it isn’t extremely hot it can still be to hot to leave your dog in an enclosed car. The sun shines in the windows and heats up the car very quickly and could kill your pet. Even leaving the window down a crack is not enough to keep your dog safe from overheating, so I advise you to be very careful when taking your pet with you.


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