Hello world!

Hello! Let me start by introducing myself, my name is Shelly and I love dogs! Now that I have confessed my addiction we can move forward. In this blog I will give you helpful information on dogs, toys for dogs, dog foods, dog health and just about anything I can find on, about or for dogs. I will answer questions that you post and if I am not sure of something I will talk to my veterinarian. You ask, “what gives you the upper hand on dogs?” I would tell you this, I have spent all my life with dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds, I also have spent a lot of time working with veterinarians. Growing up on a farm and loving animals as I do, I tried to learn as much as I could about the care, signs of sickness and some training tips. All of which I will share with you.

I will be blogging two times a week on tuesdays and wednesdays. I hope that you will join me! I will be talking this week about how important it is to vaccinate your dog. Please join me in my next post, it will be available after 8 pm today, October 31, 2012